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In search of spirit ...

If there's one thing about this place we call home, it's all the stories we can tell. There's so many to choose from, we try to mix it up a bit for Simcoe Life and be a little different in our take of the tale while providing a decent cross representation of the larger community.

With the festive season upon us, of course this issue has a common theme: The holidays. And there are some people around here who have been thinking about this season for quite a while, really, since the end of the last one. They're the Christmas tree growers – there are actually a good number. There's a clutch of growers in North Simcoe, many of whom are third-generation growers. We may not hear about most so much because they're wholesalers – they grow, harvest and bind their crop which is then shipped off for someone else to peddle in the retail marketplace.

Then there's the cut-your-own farms that are out there marketing their products and services with the intent of providing a decent winter country experience for visitors who leave with a tree they've purchased at the farm. Again, there's an upside to living on the cusp of the country's largest population base: There are needs to fill. Going to a Christmas tree farm to fetch your own tree is something that essentially only works in Ontario because we have eight million people living within the Greater Golden Horseshoe who can take advantage of these kind of services. So most of the trees grown here, stay here and are set up and decorated in a home within an hour of where they're grown. That's a pretty fine environmental statistic.

In a Homemade Christmas, writer Glenn Perrett hoes the environmental line by offering a series of suggestions on how we might make less of an impact on local landfill sites. For the most part, these are simple ideas that don't take a great deal of effort, just a bit of creativity and interest.

There's something inherent about sharing in this season. And after fetching the Christmas tree and creating our own decorations, there's plenty of other holiday activities available for a fine family venture. Check out our Festive outings feature which offers a snapshot of some of the offerings along with a list of the Santa Claus parades in the area.

Enjoy the holidays.

Marg. Bruineman