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Dining Room

Turnbull Interiors

As a seasoned professional and chair of the Canadian Decorators' Association, Irene Turnbull jumped on the chance to pitch in for the United Way and to help showcase the regional interior design and decorating community as significant players in a globally-influenced marketplace.

In designing the dining room, the designer realized that the undertaking would be driven from a broader perspective than the usual projects which are always directly connected to the clients' personal needs and emotional connection to their space. The appeal in this case was directed towards a more liberal and artistic interpretation of the dining room as a place for luxurious but comfortable entertaining, and as such it presented a great chance to feature a little of the unusual.

Glenna Wedge, a local wall treatment artist, was brought in to interpret the connection to the natural elements through the creation of faux copper walls. Together, with the warmth of the custom-coloured ceiling, this grounded the room and set the stage for an intimate entertaining space, which naturally encourages engaging conversation from its uniqueness.

By mirroring the wall between the built-in cabinets' upper and lower units, Refraction Glass created the illusion of a window reflecting light and the exterior view of trees and water back into the room while giving the space added depth perception.

Two recessed ceiling lights were added to highlight featured art, and a hand-made Italian Morano glass chandelier from Eurofase enhances the warm glow of the room.

Continuing with the artistic theme, the furniture and furnishings complete the ambience.

The layered silk drapery treatment from Turnbull Interiors frames the wonderful lakeside view and anchors the feeling of warmth and luxury in an understated fashion. The furniture is Canadian made by Leda Furniture and boasts fine craftsmanship in every detail. The carpet from W Studio is a one-of-a kind, fine hand-knotted Persian rug. The artistic interpretation is completed with the addition of original art from Dave Beckett and a wonderful Rodin bronze sculpture courtesy the MacLaren Art Centre.


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