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Master Bedroom/Sitting Area

Salnek Window Fashions

The concept for the bedroom and attached sitting area is a contemporary look with the influence of marine blues and a touch of sparkle.

A water feature welcomes you at the entrance to the suite. The introduction to the theme begins at the closet area then, when you turn the corner into the bedroom, the sparkle begins with a simple look but with wonderful eye-catching fabrics and textures.

The design of the sleeping area is very simple with a great looking headboard and only a side chair and some interesting accessories.

A prominent painting by emerging Barrie artist Carleigh Aikins is showcased on a facing wall, creating a focal point in the bedroom itself. The inclusion of the art is something of an ode to the Browns, who have long supported arts in the community.

The attached sitting room is equipped with an unobtrusive television, allowing the couple to enjoy some quiet moments together either to read or watch their favourite program - all this with a beautiful view of Lake Simcoe!


HunterDouglas Canada
Huronia Sewing
Joanne Fabrics
Mattress World
Napoleon Quality Fireplaces
Robert Allen Fabrics
Best Choice Painting
Carleigh Aikins – artwork
Andrew Shropshire – sculpture
Regina Williams – artwork
MacLaren Art Centre
Jerry's TV
Crown Wallpaper
Aboda Décor
Jon Vince – Ontario

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Fabrizone Cleaning Systems
Janet Kemp Ladies Fashions
R-Doc’s Construction
SGO Designer Glass
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Way More Cleaning
Gallery of Renovations
Dial Delivery
Harkel Office
Petal Perfect
Mario Design signs
Fitness Depot
Bell World Wireless
Habitat for Humanity: ReStore
In Depth Business Solutions
Madison County Food & Beverage Co.
Christina Catenacci

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Jerry’s TV
Barrie Equipment
MacLaren Art Centre
ME Audio & Visual Services
Raesgo Creative
Ravenstone Productions
D.R.Amos Plumbing
Rafters Living Lighting
Home Décor
Wallwin Electrical Services
Passion Décor
Sinton Bus Lines
Festivent World
Canadian Tire
Sue Kay
Benjamin Moore – paint through Sue Kay


Ron Clark
Shawn Murray
Bill Brasseur
Jeremy Kopitoski
Shane McElrea

Arlene Wildman
Sue Cowell
Don Gordon
Melissa Lackey
Brad Parkin
Brad Scharf
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Wil Twynstra
Jon Vince
Greg Ware
Nadia Painting &
Syd Watson
Bob Rowsell
Marc Van Eynde